For the storage (supercapacitors and batteries) and the generation (photovoltaic solar cells) of energy

In the field of energy storage, graphene shows great potential for the manufacture of supercapacitors, which are capable of charging very quickly and at the same time storing a large amount of electricity. Graphene ‘microsupercapacitors’ used in low-energy applications such as smartphones and laptops could be commercially available in the next 5-10 years. Graphene-reinforced lithium-ion batteries could be used in applications that require much more power, such as electric motor vehicles. In the field of power generation, the high physical flexibility and electronic mobility of graphene, in addition to a very low light absorption rate (around 3% of white light), makes this material a potential alternative to Indium tin oxide (ITO), to complement silicon in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells, which guarantees great advantages in terms of efficiency and profitability.

This cluster groups together two technological development projects, one in the field of energy storage (supercapacitors and batteries) and the other in the field of energy generation (photovoltaic solar cells).