Materials and Membranes

The production of graphene and its compounds

The production of quality graphene in an industrial environment, with the consequent advances in homogeneity, performance and reproducibility, is one of the great challenges of the global graphene community. This challenge affects different forms of graphene production, both the production of high-quality crystalline graphene by CVD methods, and the production of graphene or oxidized graphene inks in high volumes. In addition to the production of graphene as an isolated material, the incorporation of graphene in composites is of great interest to the materials industry. Graphene is much stronger and lighter than carbon fiber, a material commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and cars, sporting goods, and a wide variety of everyday devices. Graphene is expected to be incorporated into a wide variety of composite materials for use in the aeronautical, automotive, construction and consumer goods sectors. It can also be incorporated into plastics and other packaging materials to improve barrier property control, especially in the food industry.

This cluster groups two projects related to the production of graphene and its compounds.