June 20, 2022

BIST Science Meets Industry- Building Collaborations

Building Collaborations: 

Tech Transfer and Valorisation of Scientific Projects: How to Collaborate with Industry to Increase the Impact From your Research

20-21 June

IESE Business School-  South Campus, Av Pearson, 21 08034


The programme will focus on providing participants with the required tools and information to facilitate the transfer and valorisation of research results to the market, specifically via the development of partnerships with corporate clients. It will also provide a space to showcase, co-create and work on two real case studies: two research projects of the GraphCAT initiative.

This programme is meant to be an introductory workshop targeting all researchers (Postdocs and PhDs) involved in the BIST-GraphCAT community.

The programme will provide researchers with the tools to better understand the opportunity behind scientific projects in terms of valorization, commercialization and partnerships with industry. It should also provide researchers with an understanding of how the corporate world works.

It is a hands-on approach that will also provide tools to learn how to work with peer researchers in multidisciplinary teams and increase skills in communication, sales pitch, strategy and other technical aspects related to the commercialization process, using two graphene-related research projects of the GraphCAT initiative.



Day 1: Monday, 20 June: Seminar and Roundtable

Day 2: Tuesday, 21 June, 2022: Bootcamp


Full agenda and registration here