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Development of high impact membranes based on graphene for water treatment

This project focuses on the optimization of the cost of membranes for their use at the level of water treatment through the incorporation of nanostructures on the surface of the membrane. To do this, different cheap commercial membranes will be used and 2-dimensional materials will be incorporated in combination with other nano-materials through different deposition methods, as determined in the previous AQUA-GOX project.

Thanks to these coatings, it is expected to improve the anti-fouling properties, permeability and reduce the maintenance and washing costs of the membranes, substantially increasing their performance compared to those currently on the market, but at a lower cost. At the end of the project, a membrane will be obtained that presents improved capabilities in terms of mechanical robustness, hydrophilicity and chemical stability.




Valerio Pruneri

ICREA Prof Valerio Pruneri, leader of the Optoelectronics group at ICFO, has extensive experience at the level of industrial collaborations, including several projects that explore the virtues of graphene combined with different types of surfaces. Pruneri has collaborated on industrial projects with large companies such as Corning Inc., Oclaro Inc., ABB, Ficosa International, IBM, SEAT / Volkswagen, BASF, Prysmian, Carl Zeiss, Alter Technology, HP and the European Space Agency. Additionally, at the transfer level, he has more than 40 patents and has been involved in the creation of two business initiatives (Quside and Sixsenso).

At the infrastructure level, the Pruneri group has 3 dedicated laboratories, those for microscopy and processing of materials being especially relevant for the AQUAGOX project. He shares laboratories for the manufacture and characterization of nano structures and the BioFacilities area composed of Wet labs, areas for cell culture and modeling of organisms.

Contributions from partners

The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

Valerio Pruneri

ICFO will be in charge of synthesizing the optimal graphene-based membrane for MBR.


ACSA-SORIGUE will define the requirements to be met by the synthesized membrane in order to demonstrate the validity in the defined scenario, as well as its validation in a pilot plant that simulates real conditions.