August 5, 2022

‘Survival vs Resilience’ project: a collective experiment to advance the future of society

On July 23-24th, the Fundació Èpica La Fura dels Baus presented the collective experiment ‘Survival vs Resilience’, the final result of an artistic creation process that involved more than 30 international creators, and 5 research groups: ICFO, ICN2, High Performance Computing Center (Stuttgart), the TURBA group at UOC and the group ‘Cognició i Plasticitat Cerebral’ from UB Neurosciences.

ICFO and ICN2 participated in this unique experiment in the framework of the GraphCAT project, co-funded by FEDER and coordinated by ICN2, ICFO and BIST.  This collaboration aimed to establish Catalonia as an international reference in graphene research and to disseminate the potential of graphene for industry and to provide advances for society.  Members of ICFO and ICN2 participated in this adventure sharing their knowledge and research on graphene with the creators:

  • Lorenzo Orsini and Rajashree Haldankar, PhD students at ICFO
  • Jose de la Cruz, a PhD graduate of ICN2 currently working at INBRAIN Neurotechnologies, a ICN2 spin-off and Graphcat Collaborating company
  • Victoria Puig, Senior researcher at ICN2
  • Àlex Argemí, ICN2 head of Marketing and Communication.


The research groups shared with the creators a list of scientific challenges that were the starting point to create this collective experiment. For two weeks, creators and researchers worked together guided by the methodology from Fundació Èpica La Fura dels Baus on the development of this final show of ‘Survival vs Resilience’ that merged science, technology and art.

On the launch day, attendees were guided through the different topics and scenarios of the experiment with the help of Kalliope app, that engaged with attendees and asked for their participation and involvement in the performance.

‘Survival vs Resilience’

Participants walked through different scenarios, and were presented with different scientific topics throughout the performance such as: graphene and its properties, fake news, the benefits and ethical implications of scientific experiments involving biomedical applications, and motherhood.

After the performance, the audience was invited to ask questions to creators and researchers in order to learn more about the performance and the science behind the experiment.

Reflecting on this unique experience, Lorenzo Orsini commented, “I was really impressed by the outcome of this collaboration between art and science. To me was it very clear that the experience of La Fundació Èpica and the creativity of the artists made the performance so engaging… I’m very happy with the result because many messages related to graphene came out during the performance. Also, during the performa-forum the audience had many questions about the outreach process itself which, in my opinion, also helps to increase the social awareness of the role of science in our community.


** Photo credit: Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus